Do I Have To Buy QuickBooks Every Year?

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Every year, Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks with new features. I have noticed when I speak to small business owners that because of this annual release, they have the misconception that the new QuickBooks version has to be purchased each year. This keeps many business owners from choosing QuickBooks as their accounting software package.

If you are debating between QuickBooks and another accounting software package, please read the details below before you make your decision:

QuickBooks Does Not Have To Be Purchased Every Year

Although they release a new version every year, you are not required to purchase the new version. QuickBooks currently provides customer support to older versions as far back as QuickBooks 2008 [Update: As of 2012, they only support 2010 and forward]. Unless you have an older version than 2010, it’s probably not necessary to upgrade and you can save yourself $200+.

Check Out The Features

Even if you do not need to purchase the new QuickBooks version every year, we highly recommend you check out the features that are added each year since they may meet your business needs. QuickBooks has excellent customer service and implements its users’ suggestions for improvements, hence the annual upgrade. Most of these features are on high demand by QuickBooks users. Intuit strives to maintain its innovative standards of being an all-in-one resource when it comes to accounting software.

Click here for the new features (once you arrive at page, click on “What’s New” to the top right)

QuickBooks Payroll

If QuickBooks is your Payroll software, then you WILL have to upgrade at least every two years, since Intuit does not provide support for previous versions once they’re over two years old.

QuickBooks Online

An alternative to having the pressure of upgrading each year is using QuickBooks Online. You can have access to your books from anywhere including your mobile phone, you are always on the latest version, your data is safe and secure, and you can still subscribe to QuickBooks Payroll. QuickBooks Online offers three affordable monthly pricing plans and a free trial.

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Have a question about the new features or an older version? Don’t hesitate to ask below, on the discussions page of our Facebook page, or tweet us!

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  1. says

    Great post & Fantastic blog! I would definitely love to begin a blog too but I have no clue where to begin. I possess the ability to do it (not that challenging on the technical part) but I really feel like I am too lazy to post regularly. That is the problem, if you start you have to go all the way. However blogs like yours inspire me to have a go at it.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment. It is challenging to find the time when you’re busy with your daily work but it is much fun to do it and it’s a great outlet of information you usually have floating around in your head :-)

  2. Van says

    So if you can just keep the old versions of QB but have to buy the new versions of the Payroll software isn’t there a huge probability of incompatibility between the two?

    • says

      Only when Intuit discontinues support of a version, will the payroll functions stop working. For example, they just discontinued support of 2008, therefore, payroll subscription will stop working in that version. Other than that, QuickBooks will continue downloading payroll updates and there won’t be any incompatibilities.

  3. Eric says

    I’m starting a business and have read a lot of negative user reviews for Quickbooks Pro 2011. I’ve seen earlier versions for purchase online, ie 2010, and was thinking about buying an earlier version. I won’t need the payrolling function since its just me for now. Buyin the earlier version would save some $ too. What do you think?

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by Eric. I think it’s great if you can save some money on your purchase and you don’t need new features. However, I don’t recommend purchasing the discontinued versions such as 2008 and earlier. I recommend you purchase 2009, 2010, or 2011 only. The reason is that payroll is not the only function that’s been discontinued. Online Banking and a few other features have been disabled. Please refer to our announcement at for a short list on what’s been discontinued. While you’re there, feel free to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter informing you of the latest software, apps, QuickBooks, and all things accounting. Thanks again for your comment.

  4. thomas says

    i have been using quickbook and backup on my thump drive, but when my old computer crash and i try to restore the files on the thump drive, i not able to do so.

    when i about to restore and click confirm to overwrite data, the file i wanted change to other file name.
    i am confused and this happen even i use other PC to do so

    please advise

    thanks greatly

    • says

      Hello Thomas,

      Thank you for your comment. When you are trying to restore a QuickBooks file using the “Restore” menu option, you have to make sure the file in your thumb drive is a backup. A QuickBooks backup file has the extension [.QBB].

      Here’s how to restore a backup:
      Open your QuickBooks program
      From the File menu choose “Open or Restore Backup”
      Choose “Restore a Backup Copy”
      Choose “Local Backup”
      Find the backup in your thumb drive with the extension [.QBB]
      Click Open
      Click Next to choose the location where you want to save your file in your computer (whether it’s a new location or whether you’re replacing an existing file). Make sure you save the file in its own folder.
      Click Ok or Next
      The restoring process will begin.

      If the file in your thumb drive has the extension [.QBW], that means it is not a back up, it is an executable file. In that case you would want to copy and paste the file to your computer (QuickBooks creates 3 files for each company file: [.QBW], [.QBW.ND], and [.QBW.TLG]). It is best to copy and paste those 3 files from your thumb drive at the same time and save them in a New Folder, by themselves, in your computer. Then, open the QuickBooks program, choose “Open or Restore File” from the File menu, then choose the first option “Open a Company File.” Find the file in your new folder, you will ONLY see the [.QBW] file. Click on it and click “open.”

      If the file in your thumb drive has the extension (.QBM), this is a portable file. Portable files are used when a backup is too large. They take up less space and can be emailed and/or transferred easily.

      Here’s how to restore a QuickBooks portable file:
      Open your QuickBooks program
      From the File menu choose “Open or Restore Backup”
      Choose “Restore a Portable File”
      Find the file in your thumb drive and follow the same steps above I listed to restore a backup. Again, make sure to save the new file in its own folder in your computer.

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have additional questions.

  5. Vicki says

    I am working at a company that is using QuckBooks Do we have to but and new version of QB payroll every year i keep getting a message that our deductions are not up to date this started coming up since June 1/13. We have auto updates on. Don’t know why we are not getting the new updates for the payroll deductions.Any ideas

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