About Yaritza

I approach your books as a business owner and as your very own Accounting Manager rather than a traditional accountant.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and an obsession to maximize productivity while increasing profits, I guarantee to do just that within your organization, along with cutting costs and identifying areas in need of improvement. In an industry where fancy words and complex terms have been created to keep you in the dark, I offer REAL help and support and real-life advice to decipher what the numbers really mean to you and your business.

Having built a bootstrapped business that allowed me to customize my practice to each and every client, I’m no fan of following the “masses” and doing things one way. I’ve loved computers and technology since my teenage years and I’ve made it part of my life to add great value, to simplify my life, and to pass it on to my clients.

I offer the simplest headache-free methods to stay compliant with the IRS and other agencies while maintaining a grip on your finances in the most stress-free way possible. With my unique perspective on Accounting and an obsession to maximize productivity while increasing profits I dedicate myself to simplifying accounting processes within your organization without the excessive fees and the confusing terms.