We have less than 6 months left of 2015! It's July and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it! Didn't we just celebrate New Year's? Valentine's Day? St. Patrick's Day, Easter, had spring break and memorial day holiday? Boom! Before we knew it 4th of July was here! I know we're tired of saying it and hearing it but time is REALLY FLYING BY!  It made me think of how 6 months used to feel like a really long time~ 6 months now feels like 2 months, doesn't it? Before we know it Halloween will be here, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and boom! Another year will have gone by.


The only way to be productive is to delegate and outsource your most time-consuming tasks. It's the next best thing to cloning yourself.


So, why wait to get things done? It's a good time to get ahead and get your finances in order.

Why wait to look at those reports to measure your goals and look at your business growth so far?

Why wait to see if you met your goals?

Are you going in the right direction?

Even more important, your CPA should now or soon be reviewing your file to project your tax liability so far. They should be advising you on actions to take to reduce your tax bill.


I wanted to offer something hard to resist so it would make you take action NOW!!! For a limited time, I'm offering to remotely review your accounting file (your bookkeeping so far) and give you recommendations for just $49!  That's right, if you have 1 to 4 accounts you're tracking in ANY application, I will review what you have so far this year for just $49. If you haven't done any bookkeeping this year so far, it's ok. I will review your file with last year's data to make recommendations for this year. I will let you know if you're tracking finances correctly based on your industry, how you run your business, and how you file your taxes ~and give you recommendations on where you can improve.


If you have 5 to 9 accounts, the fee will be $99. Anything above that, just add $19 per account. No extra hidden fees! You can expect a 48-hour turnaround on files with 4 accounts or less, and a 72-hour turnaround on files with 5 - 9 accounts. All work will be done remotely. No on-sites (in-person appointments) are available with this offer. The point is to get this done NOW!! I'm known for how fast I get my work done. I've cleaned up 1 year of data in days, and years of data in weeks. This will be the most cost-effective professional fees you'll ever spend!


You will get an analysis of your file, recommendations on bookkeeping methods, and details on my findings while reviewing your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet~ the 2 most requested reports when having taxes done, submitting loan applications, or pitching to investors. If you would like me to review other reports, we can discuss that too.


IF ~no pressure here!~ you decide you want your books done, I will give you a quote to get you caught up. I came up with some really inexpensive and irresistible flat fees to make it affordable and easy to have this done now while it's summer time and you're enjoying the quiet (at least in the accounting and tax world).


If confidentiality is an issue, I will sign a Non-Disclosure and/or Confidentiality agreement. I have one ready to get started right away! Confidentiality is the basis of my business so I take it every seriously. Discretion is not optional in the accounting world.


Fill out my form, or message me in LinkedIn or Tweet me to let me know how I can help. I'm also available in google hangouts.

I look forward to being of service!