How do I give you my information?

All we need is Online Banking “view-only” or “guest” access which allows us to connect your accounts to the file to download automatically. It also allows us to grab bank statements to balance accounts and to view check images and more information to be able to correctly categorize transactions. Statements only are ok too, but your fee will be larger if you provide us with statements only as it will involve manual data entry of transactions and back-and-forth inquiries from us to you regarding the categorizing of transactions. Most clients opt for guest online banking access in order to fully delegate bookkeeping to us without the headaches.

How will you know how to categorize my transactions?

Most businesses have the same type of expenses~ meals & entertainment, rent, utilities, insurance, office supplies, etc. I will quickly identify your products purchased or services contracted as part of your cost of sales that are unique to your business. Income accounts and all others may be customized to your preference. I begin with the large picture sorting out by type and narrowing down to details.

Why should I pay a Bookkeeper if I can do this myself?

Your time as a business owner and entrepreneur will be spread into too many different areas and your productivity will suffer. By delegating or outsourcing the different departments of your business- one of them being accounting- you will free up your time to do what you do best for the company, whether that involves managing your staff and contractors, selling your products/services, or being involved in the technical side of your business, etc.

Won’t outsourcing my finances leave me open to costly errors and fraud?

You have to trust someone at some point. Whether you delegate to an in-house employee or an outside contractor like us, you are taking a chance. In fact, what out of starting a business is NOT taking a chance? It’s futile to think that an in-house employee is more trustworthy than an outside contractor. An outside contractor has more to lose than an in-house employee should their work not be trustworthy. They have more at stake and tend to depend on their reputation to make a living, whereas an employee mainly worries about having a job and thinks they can just get another one if they make a mistake that hurts the business or even steals from a business (I’ve seen it). Most of our clients already employ staff, even accounting staff, and they still outsource to us as a check-and-balance system. We monitor the owner’s accounts and many times find fraud committed by employees while owner’s are too busy running the business.

Can’t my assistant to handle my bookkeeping?

You wouldn’t hire a farmer to build you a website, would you? A professional bookkeeper/accountant has perfected their skills to do just that: accounting/bookkeeping. Just because an admin can get around the accounting software, doesn’t mean they should. Accounting requires a special set of skills: problem solving, attention to details, recording journal entries, communicating with CPA in accounting “lingo” to solve discrepancies and much more. Not everyone can handle processing numbers and maintaining an accounting file. This data is what your tax return is based on and a small error can cost a lot with tax agencies. It’s best to outsource to a professional who knows what they’re doing because this is what they’ve done for years and they know what to look for and what you and your CPA and the IRS require.