Finance & Operations Consulting

Need more than a Bookkeeper? Need more of a business guru, problem solver, right-hand person?

If you answer yes to 1 or more of these questions, then you do:

  1. Do you sense or can confirm there are areas of your business not running smoothly?
  2. Are there questions that go unanswered by your staff because of lack of training in the programs you’re using?
  3. Are your financial statements incorrect, figures not accurate?
  4. Is too much of your time being spent on “figuring things out” making you feel like you don’t have staff at all?
  5. Do you employ managers but are still spending too much time in your business and not on your business?
  6. Do you need systems and processes in place so everyone in the same position is trained the same way with the same steps to avoid errors and the blaming game among your staff?
  7. Is work production suffering and your employees complain “there is not enough time in the day?”
  8. Do you love your employees but can see they lack the skills in important areas that would help the business run more efficiently?

You need a specialist in the Finance and Operations areas of your business to analyze your business processes, set up new systems, and create a faster workflow. You’ve found it here. Did you read my bio where I say my personality was tested and my results did not match those of a bookkeeper? That is because I have an entrepreneur mind that quickly identifies problems and quickly comes up with a solution. I am a problem solver and analyst by nature. I will spot areas where your resources are going to waste, where time is not spent in the most efficient manner, and even where there are no check and balances to avoid fraud or theft. I will streamline and simplify your business processes to use the least amount of effort and time while producing the fastest and most accurate results.

I love messes and I love cleaning them up, but only when the owner is ready to take their business to the next level and invest the necessary time and funds to make it happen. Trust me, it takes less money than you think to take your business to new heights for years to come and the results are priceless.

My business solutions will take away from your plate and finally help you reach the goals you set for yourself when you started your business. I am your Finance and Operations Specialist with knowledge and experience in the most important areas of your business. I have been the “secretary” (what we now know as “admin”) – even though the term had become obsolete in the late 90s- the Executive Assistant, the Office Manager, the bookkeeper, the accountant, and for the last 10 years, I have been my own boss. I employ staff and know the struggles business owners face in growing their businesses. The implementing of these business processes and systems have enabled me to have the freedom I dreamed of since I began my career. I took the plunge to become self-employed at the age of 28 and have never looked back. I was intrigued by technology and embraced it at the age of 14. I welcomed the changes we’ve experienced in the last 2 decades with open arms much earlier than many of my peers. I have watched it evolve and been actively involved with it- using it, testing it, implementing it every way I could. I had my first office job at 16 but had done a summer internship as a Bookkeeper Assistant at 14. In the last 2 decades, I have worked with home-based businesses and location-based ones, as small as 1 employee and as big as 125 employees. My expertise will bring order and satisfaction to your business. I will organize your business and make it run so smoothly as to allow you to finally enjoy the fruits of your labor, your loved ones, and the life you’ve worked so hard to build. I will be your right hand in all things business and accounting.

Learn how we can help your business succeed.