Bookkeeper in Las Vegas

Bookkeeper in Las Vegas


If you’re looking for a bookkeeper in Las Vegas, NV who stands out from the rest, consider that we have built a reputation in Las Vegas, NV as offering the most savings to your business due to our quality of work. We reduce tax preparation fees because the books we work on are almost 100% ready for your tax reporting. There is very little your CPA needs to adjust (depreciation, amortization, etc.) when they receive our files. We pride ourselves in being thorough, meticulous, and accountable for our work. We have a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) whom we refer our clients to, who can attest for the quality of our work.

We work with many small and medium-sized businesses in Las Vegas who already employ field and office staff but who need a third-party to maintain checks and balances in their business. Many employers choose to have their office staff process invoices and post payments, and/or pay the bills (or you may choose to automate these tasks with software or handle it yourself). We pick up where you leave off and fill in all the blanks to prepare your monthly management reports for your review. At tax season, we hand it all over to your CPA/Tax Preparer to prepare your tax return. We communicate with your CPA to accomplish 100% accuracy in your records to the IRS and the ones you keep as a copy. If you do not already outsource to a CPA, we connect you with one we have been referring our clients to for several years. As mentioned, they can attest for our quality of our work as well.

We specialize in professional service businesses and contractors/consultants. We love cost accounting (job costing) and will set up your accounting file to track income, expenses, and profitability of each project. We’re also experts at tracking different departments and locations of your business. You can save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars by just setting up your file correctly. If you are in need of “clean up” because of someone having already set up your file and your books are a mess, we’re experts in “clean up” too. We love the messes and you will be amazed at how fast we clean it all up. We’ve had a lot of business owners come to us with messes other so-called “bookkeepers” have created (yes, there is such a thing as a bad bookkeeper). We will clean up an entire year of data in less than 1 week.

If you’re hiring a bookkeeper and would like to pay for training them in QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbook, or Wave Accounting, we will train your bookkeeper in the desired software or on certain accounting processes you might need to establish in your business. Even in this case, you might decide to outsource to us on a recurring basis (or have us “on-call”) to serve as an outside third-party working on your behalf to maintain checks and balances in your business. We always work as the right hand of the business owner, looking out for fraudulent transactions and alerting you of suspicious activity in your accounts. We’ve served business owners who have experienced theft in their business. We’ve also worked with many clients who already employ administrative assistants and bookkeepers for many years and we know what to look for in these employees/contractors. Like in any other industry, there are good bookkeepers/accountants as there are bad ones.

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