Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting

No matter how small your business or venture is, and whether you have staff or not, you will have to manage different departments.  Your business will have marketing, sales, IT, accounting, product/service delivery, customer service, support, and quality assurance departments. Even if you’re the only “employee” in your company, you still have to manage all these departments to a certain extent.

The way to grow your business and have it free you from the 8-to-5 routine is to begin delegating or outsourcing each department one by one. The companies I’ve seen succeed are the ones who do this in a carefully planned manner. They usually hire in or contract out the department they dislike the most or the one(s) they’re least experts in. I often hear accounting is the department business owners dislike the most. Even if they know how to do it, they just don’t want to. It’s an area of stress for many people as well as a tedious one.

I’ve worked as a right hand to business owners since I began my career in Business Management and Accounting. I’ve created a system that makes this stressful area easier on business owners. It involves no work on your part, only feedback (and sometimes some direction on what you want) and we handle the bookkeeping from beginning to end.

Most of our clients are small businesses who file their taxes on a cash-basis, which means we just track their income and expenses using the Online Banking and Credit Card data. Others outsource their invoicing (accounts receivable) and bill-pay (accounts payable) to us, and even answering their phones as their “accounting department.” How much you delegate to us on a weekly or a monthly basis is up to you. There are no contracts, just a month-to-month engagement. The fees can be hourly or flat, depending on your needs.

Maintaining your accounting file on a monthly basis and reviewing reports will be an invaluable tool you will use to monitor the financial health of your business and to make informed business decisions. You will also be compliant with IRS guidelines and requirements as we work with your CPA in responding to inquiries, making necessary changes, and processing simple forms and other requests. Not to mention, you will catch fraud and submit necessary disputes in a timely manner.

It takes 4 easy steps and very little of your time to get started. After all, we’re here to take work off your hands, not give you more. We do all the work and walk you through the process step by step. You may then tend to your other departments while we automatically take care of tracking your finances and making tax season a breeze! What are you waiting for?!


The only thing getting in the way of your accounting bliss is self-doubt. Give yourself the gift of time by outsourcing one of the most tedious and time-consuming departments of your business. Fill in the form below to receive the next few steps to a complete accounting file. You will be given the opportunity to schedule a call or a live web meeting to discuss your needs in greater detail. If you’re ready to get started, you will be surprised at how easy we’ll make it for you to have your business finances in order!

Let’s get started!