Bookkeeper in San Francisco

Bookkeeper in San Francisco, CA (and surrounding areas)


If you’re looking to organize your business and take it to the next level, you have found a Bookkeeper in San Francisco who will support you in this endeavor and help make it possible. As a virtual bookkeeper in San Francisco who has built a lifestyle business, I understand the needs of modern businesses. The need for freedom and mobility is as much a priority as profit is. As your bookkeeper, I will confidentially and securely maintain your accounting file up to date by using the latest business apps and streamlined business processes. If you have a program installed in your computer as opposed to an online file, I remotely access your computer. There are many options available and I adhere to your schedule or “windows” of time to log in.

I work to minimize effort on your part and have built a system within my organization which allows me to handle everything for you on a recurring basis (without you having to request it!). I work with clients in the professional services industry, contractors, and retail in need of a Bookkeeper in San Francisco Bay Area. I will provide references of existing clients who can attest to my quality of work.

I work as your virtual freelance bookkeeper in San Francisco in the following areas:

  •  Maintenance of your accounting file on a monthly basis
    • Flat fees are available for cash-based accounting
    • Hourly fees are charged for accrual-based accounting
  • Cost Accounting (Job Costing as part of your bookkeeping records)
  • Years of data backlog (our “clean up” service)
  • Payroll integration within your accounting file or payroll processing
  • Sales Tax
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Insurance Audit Assistance
  • IRS Audit Assistance

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